Profitez de vos road trips en toute tranquillité avec PeaceOut !

Enjoy your road trips in peace with PeaceOut!

Ready for an unforgettable outdoor adventure? Imagine an evening at the drive-in, a road trip with friends or a weekend camping without having to think about that damn mosquito repellent! Imagine this peace of mind. Thanks to Magalie and Jonathan, two young Quebec entrepreneurs, you will be able to discover a range of innovative and efficient travel accessories. PeaceOut will now be your getaway and escape partner.

Who is PeaceOut?

PeaceOut is a Quebec company founded by two young people passionate about travel and exploration. It is this passion that led them to create unique and practical travel accessories. The PeaceOut team is always looking for new ideas and innovative solutions to meet the needs of travelers. The mission is clear: to offer quality, thoughtful and efficient products, made in Canada, with the aim of freeing the minds of adventurers during their escapades.

PeaceOut mosquito nets: a barrier against insects

When you sleep in your car or when you want to enjoy the fresh outside air while being in your vehicle, it is crucial to preserve your privacy but also to protect yourself against insects. PeaceOut mosquito nets are custom designed to fit your vehicle model perfectly, providing maximum protection against small insects. Made with anti-scald fabric, they feature powerful magnets and Velcro to reinforce the barrier and prevent unwanted intrusion.

In addition, the flexible materials of PeaceOut mosquito nets guarantee simple and compact storage. You won't have to worry about clutter when traveling. Whether you choose the sunroof, middle door or front door mosquito net kit, PeaceOut ensures exact compatibility with your vehicle model for easy and efficient installation.

Made in Canada for superior quality

At PeaceOut, quality is a top priority. This is why all mosquito nets are designed and manufactured in Canada, using durable and resistant materials. Each product undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest standards of performance and durability. You can therefore have confidence in the quality of PeaceOut mosquito nets to accompany you during your adventures across Quebec.

Compatibility with multiple vehicle models

PeaceOut screens are designed to fit various popular vehicle models. Compatible vehicles include:

  • Chrysler Pacifica 2017
  • 2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan
  • Dodge Grand Caravan 2008-2020
  • Chrysler Town & Country 2008-2016
  • Ford Transit Connect 2014
  • 2018 Honda Odyssey
  • 2014-2020 Kia Sedona
  • Nissan NV200 2013
  • Toyota Sienna 2011-2020

Whatever the model of your vehicle, there is a good chance that PeaceOut has a suitable solution for you.

In conclusion, PeaceOut, founded by Quebec entrepreneurs Magalie and Jonathan, offers innovative and high-performance travel accessories that revolutionize outdoor adventures. Their custom-made mosquito nets provide a barrier against insects, ensuring a peaceful experience in your vehicle. By committing to manufacturing quality Canadian products, PeaceOut guarantees the durability and performance of its products. Compatible with various vehicle models, their products are aimed at a wide range of adventurers. Choose PeaceOut as your next adventure partner!

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