Warranty Policy

Maintenance and warranty of PeaceOut products


  • Product: Any product designed and distributed by PeaceOut Accessories
  • Buyer: Person purchasing PeaceOut Accessories product
  • PeaceOut Accessories: Manufacturer and supplier of PeaceOut products
  • Distributor: Company/person that distributes PeaceOut products


The buyer should follow the following maintenance tips, to extend the life of the product.

  1. Store the product properly when not installed on the vehicle.
  2. Store the product in a bag to protect it.
  3. If the product has male and female Velcro, ensure that they are respectively attached together before storage to avoid any type of breakage.
  4. Any cleaning of the product should be done gently by hand with a soft cloth. No brush of any type or cleaning product containing bleach should be used on the product.
  5. The product must be dried flat properly.


All products are quality checked before shipping. All PeaceOut products come with a lifetime warranty.

  1. The lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects in the product. Within this warranty coverage, PeaceOut Accessories is responsible for repairing or replacing any product affected by a manufacturing defect, all free of charge.
  2. The product warranty does not cover tears, holes, discoloration, neglect of maintenance, improper use and/or improper installation causing breakage, normal wear and tear and any repairs/modifications made by the purchaser or a third.
  3. The buyer must follow the maintenance and installation advice for the product, otherwise the buyer finds himself solely responsible for breakage and premature deterioration of the product as indicated in the previous point (2).
  4. The buyer wishing to make a claim for a mosquito net product during the warranty period must submit a written complaint to PeaceOut Accessories or the distributor, where applicable, accompanied by proof of purchase, photos of the problematic mosquito net product and the reason. of the complaint.
  5. Any claim request must be sent by email to info@peaceout.ca if the purchase was made via the PeaceOut website or to the distributor if the purchase was made via a distributor of PeaceOut products, where applicable.
  6. PeaceOut reserves the right to accept or refuse the claim request.
  7. The lifetime warranty offered for PeaceOut products is not transferable, exchangeable or refundable. This guarantee does not represent any monetary value and does not offer any type of financial compensation. It aims only to ensure the quality and conformity of the product, according to the terms and conditions specified.
IMPORTANT : PeaceOut Accessories cannot be held responsible for any damage and cannot be sued following improper use of the product.